John Tierney: An Exhibition of New Paintings

New York & Los Angeles

September 15th - November 1st, 2014

Opening Reception:
Thursday, September 18th
6:00 - 8:00pm

Hamburg Kennedy Photographs is pleased to present, “An Exhibition of New Paintings: New York and Los Angeles,” by British artist John Tierney for its premiere gallery exhibition.  

Tierney’s landscapes of urban Los Angeles create a deliberate, disciplined sparseness. Modern in their palette and simplicity, they are also full of nostalgia for the virtues of the American past –a cinematic quality in the vein of Edward Hopper and Charles Burchfield. A psychic mediums corner store and designer Paul Smiths Melrose shop are rendered in a highly realistic style. He uses oil paint to enhance the luminosity of each picture and his compositions are distinguished by their vibrant colors, the interplay of light and shadow, and the juxtaposition of form and space.  

The hard-edge-painting contrasts with the subject matter, lending a concrete physicality and gem-like quality to scenes that otherwise feel fleeting.  The colors soothe individually, while creating an architectural harmony when introduced together.  

Despite painting from photographs he himself captures, Tierney utilizes less of a documentary approach. His focus remains on reinterpreting the everyday in unexpected ways. It emphasizes the act of seeing as much as the subjects themselves.  

Concerning his own process, Tierney states that, “photographs represent the raw material, a resource to be worked on and interpreted, in the process creating a new representation drawing on technique, use of color and composition. It’s a bit of a cliché, but there is a difference between ‘looking’ and ‘seeing’.”  

John Tierney "An Exhibition of New Paintings, New York/Los Angeles," is on view at Hamburg Kennedy September 15th-October 30th. Opening Reception will take place on Thursday, September 18th, 6-8pm.