Think Pink!

A collection for Breast Cancer Awareness 
All Net Profits to be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation

THINK PINK has been an ongoing project for over two years, culling from contemporary art and photography some of the most interesting and compelling images that share as the prominent color pink.

Pink, in all its hues - from the rosy tint cheek, to the rich magenta of lips to the fresh look of cherry blossoms on trees, pink is a sweet, intimate, fragile shade. Few colors trigger more contradictory associations and emotions--tender, childish, plastic, pornographic--or are so symbolic of both high and low culture. Pink is sometimes awkward, even embarrassing, but on the other hand it is enjoyed and associated with the idea of beauty. Artists of all eras, from Fragonard to Pablo Picasso, Caspar David Friedrich, to  Louise Bourgeois have studied it in their works. The works in this special collection include such artists as Marilyn Minter, Andy Warhol, Takashi Murakami and Ellsworth Kelly. It is also interesting to note the color's most current perceptions and uses; to wit, the positive perception of pink in Japan seems strikingly masculine to the Western viewer; every year the country pauses to contemplate the pink blossoms of the cherry trees, which, drift like snow to the ground, symbols of the death of the samurai, who falls in the bloom of youth.

In addition to the aesthetic draw of the color, pink is associated with the pink ribbon and breast cancer and for us, this is a cause we are very close to, and have been interested to bring more awareness to several breast cancer foundations worldwide.