Guido Argentini: Argentum

In 1995, photographic master Guido Argentini was moved to coat a model in silver makeup. The shiny silver paint transformed the models: dancers, gymnasts and aerialists into metallic statues, into new beings that became almost liquid like under the studio lights.  Evoking the luminous polished planes of the work of Brancusi and the verve of Degas’ ballet sketches, these photographs endow the human body with both the solidity of sculpture and the vivid energy of dance.

Using geometrical props Guido Argentini created a contrast between the human body and the archetypal forms of geometry: triangles, circles and squares.
The final result of many years of work is this book: Argentum.  A collection of more than 100 stunning photographs.

Argentum is a book but is also a movie, a documentary produced in collaboration with the Italian composer ALESSIO NANNI that reveals the concepts that are behind the making of this book: Argentini’s esthetic of the human form and the skills of the athletes that posed for these photographs.

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