Fashion Pictures International

FPi (Fashion Pictures International) is the only gallery in the world specializing in the fine art of fashion photography.

FPi is the brainchild of veteran art impresario, dealer, collector and curator Marla Hamburg Kennedy who has been dealing in and collecting fashion photography for several decades.  She has been the curator of 2 major international fashion Photography Festivals in Japan and has done numerous curated exhibitions and books. 

The gallery is based in New York City and Los Angeles, and will be a virtual gallery and but have a bricks and mortar location in a grand Romanesque apartment in the Mount Morris Historic District of Harlem, at 240 Lenox Avenue.

It will be directed by MHK and will aggregate the best works available from the history of fashion photography from the early 1920s to work done today by both the most well known and emerging talent alike.
The gallery showcases the most extensive and comprehensive photographers that have worked in the fashion photography realm, from the beginning of the genre in the late 1920s with Edward Steichen at the helm of Conde Nast, up till the present. Through the eight decades, we can see how photographers captured an idealized idea of beauty.

The works by these artists show the evolution of our Western idea of visual culture and concepts of identity and beauty. In more recent years we see the explosion of fine art photography accepted as a medium for serious art collecting, and prices for such artists have increased exponentially in the last few decades.  Photographs and digital imagery mediate between idealization and imagination and there is a fine line between what makes a photograph made commercially to showcase beauty or clothing, and when it becomes in and of itself a fine work of art.

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